Who are DR® Power Equipment?

Based in rural Vermont, DR® Power Equipment have been manufacturing and selling tools that make outdoor work easier and more enjoyable since 1985. In August, 2015, DR® joined the Generac family of brands in an effort to further their commitment to bring exceptional products, service, and value to it’s customers.

DR® enjoy caring for the land, and take great pride in beautifying and improving the place they call home. DR® appreciate good tools that are durable, simple, and useful, only offering products that they use themselves, each one vigorously tested for performance and durability, described truthfully, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and value available.

Where DR® started

It's impossible to say much about the history of DR® Power Equipment without mentioning the late co-founder, Lyman P. Wood.

In the 1960's, Lyman Wood changed the future of American gardening by founding the company that later became known as Garden Way and developed its first product, the Troy-Bilt® Rototiller. Over the next two decades Lyman made Troy-Bilt the number one selling rototiller in the U.S.

A few of the staff at DR® Power Equipment worked alongside Lyman in the 1960's, '70s, and early '80s, helping to sell rototillers and the gardening-centered lifestyle they helped make possible. But things changed, many Americans turned away from large gardens and DR® - Lyman included - left the tiller business to start a new venture. This time the focus was on helping people care for their land and property (in much the same way as DR® had encouraged them to care for their gardens some years before).

Products available from DR® 

DR® maintain the belief that if you're going to do a job, do it right. That's why we think of DR® as power equipment that's DONE RIGHT™.

The idea originated over 25 years ago with their first product, the DR® Trimmer Mower. Back then, the objective was to improve upon the hand-held trimmer. But rather than focus on incremental advancements, DR® chose to radically improve the status quo. And that's how they operate today.

With a talented team of engineers and designers, DR®  are creating unique machines of lasting value and unequaled performance. They continue to be driven by innovation, with a passion for high-quality design. And like you, DR®  have no use for ordinary products...so we're doing what it takes to be better. 

DR®  Standards

Meet Don Selby, the Product Testing Manager ar DR® . Don and his team put every new product design through its paces before we offer it for sale. From testing prototypes to adding and tweaking features, they have to give every product design a green light before the building starts.

Before any new DR® is released for sale, Don and his team test prototypes for over hundreds of hours, ensuring they live up to the DR® standard in any working conditions.

These are the lengths DR® go to make sure every product sold effectively does what it should, over and over again, without fail.



DR® Power Equipment in the UK

DR Power UKHere in the UK, there is an established network of DR® Power Equipment approved dealers who are able to assist with your purchase of any DR® equipment, supply any accessories or spare parts and are available for any after sales support or servicing requirements.

DR® Power Equipment is distributed across the UK by Rochford Garden Machinery Ltd from their purpose built distribution centre located in Somerset where they also stock 1000’s of spare parts which the DR® dealers can access and have them delivered to them the next working day in most circumstances. 

The Vermont roots

DR®  are a growing, friendly company based in Vergennes, Vermont. They chose to make their home there for many reasons, but mainly as they wished to surround themselves with what they love - a place of rural beauty with simple and traditional values.

It's here that DR® pursue their love of the land and are inspired with some of their best new product ideas. As a customer, we think it's something you can take comfort in - knowing the products sold are born out of the experiences faced caring for and maintaining their own country properties. That's why the equipment works. Because they wouldn't use them - or sell them - if they didn't.