DR 16.5 Chipper Spare Knife Kit

Keep your chipper working at maximum performance.

The knives on DR chipper shredders are designed to last significantly longer than the cutter knifes on most "bargain" chippers without sharpening. But, as with all cutting tools, keeping a sharp edge is important to maintain optimum performance. By having a spare chipper knife for your DR 16.5 Petrol Chipper, you will be able to continue working with minimum down time. The spare knife kit includes the knife and the fitting hardware. 

Notes: This spare knife kit fits the current model of DR Power 16.5 Chipper where the engine is located at the front of the unit behind the tow hitch.

If you require the spare knife kit for the previous generation of 16.5 Chippers which have the engine fitted at the rear of the unit, please call us on 01963 828067.



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Longer Intervals Between Sharpening.

Because our knives are made of high-carbon/high-chromium forged alloy tool steel, they can go significantly longer than the knives on most "bargain" chippers without sharpening.

Hardware & Guage Included.

Everything you need to install the kife correctly to ensure maximum performance from your chipper

Material High-Carbon / High-Chromium Forged Alloy Tool Steel