Powerful DR Wheeled Trimmer MowerIntroduced in 1987, the DR Trimmer/Mower was the first petrol-powered, wheeled trimmer available to consumers in America. Combining the best features of a hand-held trimmer and a bladed mower in an easy to use, powerful package, the machine quickly gained popularity among home and property owners who wanted a one-machine solution to their land maintenance needs. Since then, more than 500,000 DR Trimmers have been sold in the United States, making it America’s top selling trimmer on wheels with many more sold worldwide.

Over the last 30 years, the wheeled trimmers have seen various upgrades to increase performance and functionality. The current lineup features 5 walk-behind models, starting with the great value Premier models, available with either manual- or electric-starting. These are our lightest wheeled trimmers making them very easy to manoeuvre in tight working areas. Moving up the ladder, the manual starting PRO model is equipped with larger 16” wheels which perform better on uneven terrain, whilst the “offset frame” is designed to let the operator easily trim right up against foundations, fence lines and other obstacles. The top of the range PRO-XL models feature commercial-grade overhead cam engines renowned for performance and long life. The Pro-XL is also available with an electric start and self-propelled drive for the easiest trimming experience! 

The Quick-Lock Trimmer Head is available for any model in the DR Trimmer/Mower range and replaces your standard wide-body trimmer head. It allows you to change cord simply by inserting the end of a length of cord into an opening. You push it in, and it will not pull out! Simply pull it through the other side to remove it. This means that changing your trimmer cord takes no more than a few seconds and couldn’t be simpler! Plus, trim in any thick weeds without fear of your cord pulling out.

For large trimming tasks, such as along fence lines, roadside ditches, and pond edges, check out the tow-behind DR Trimmer Mower which is fitted with the Quick-Lock Trimmer Head as standard. These towed trimmers enable easy trimming while you drive your garden tractor or ATV.