NEW 2017 Field & Brush Mowers - Available Now!

The new range of DR walk behind field and brush mowers are now available to purchase, and are the best so far. Following its launch in America, it became the most popular range in the company’s history and maintains its position as the bestselling range of Field & Brush mower in America.DR Power New Field & Brush Mowers

With increased performance, enhanced reliability, wider cutting decks, redistribution of weight to make them perfectly balanced and the addition of the power steering capability, they are the most effective and easiest to operate brush mowers.

 The design of the new deck ensures that the machine is capable of cutting through thick material up to 3” in diameter and rather than being immediately discarded through a side discharge chute, the material is cut and then re-cut into fine pieces eliminating the need for raking or collection afterwards.

 Using the new walk behind brush mower is easy and simple. All controls are easily accessible on the control panel or hand grips. The design of the control panel ensures that all linkages are well protected from the front when going through tall weeds or long grass, but are easy to access from the back if necessary.

 Routine oil changes require no tools or disassembly with everything designed for quick and easy access whilst the battery is also easy to disconnect for winter storage if required.

With a range of quick change attachments available, the field and brush mowers can be used all year round. The large 42” lawn mower deck will allow a half acre lawn to be mowed in about half an hour whilst the grader / snow blade is ideal for spreading or levelling loose gravel on driveways or for clearing snow during the winter. A range of optional accessories are also obtainable such as snow chains, heavy duty brush blades specially designed for thicker woody material, maintenance kits and protective covers to protect the machine from dirt and dust whilst being stored.

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