DR 48" Power Grader with EZ-Dial

A compact yet effective grader for levelling or loosening the ground.

The DR 48" wide grader is designed for loosening material for redistribution to create a smooth finish. The most common use of the grader is to eliminate pot holes on gravel driveways but can also be used in sandy equestrian areas, gravel car parks or even for preparing the ground for seeding a new lawn.

The EZ-Dial enables the grading depth to be easily and accurately set from the driver’s seat whilst the built in weight rack is designed to seat a pair of standard cinder blocks for more aggressive excavation.

The carbide scarifying teeth are extremely durable and are made of the same material used on well drilling bits for a long working life. The dual hitch enables the grader to be towed using a pin or ball hitch fitted to the back of your ATV, UTV or garden tractor.

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DR Power Grader Adjustable Controls

Adjustable EZ-Dial Control

The EZ-Dial can be positioned to accommodate the towing vehicle and for the comfort of the user.


Tow Using Pin or Ball Hitch

The 48" Power Grader includes both a ball hitch and a pin hitch enabling it to be towed by a wide variety of vehicles.


DR Power Grader Hitch 
 DR Power Grader EZ Dial

Simple to use EZ-Dial

The simple hand crank allows you to adjust the your grading depth from the drivers seat. Lower the dial to grade aggressivley or raise it all the way up to create ground clearance for transporting.



Carbide-Tipped Scarifying Teeth

The scarifying teeth cut into the road surface to loosen material for reditribution. These Carbide-Tipped teeth are extremeley durable - the same material is used on well drilling bits! 

DR Power Grader Teeth

Dimensions (LxWxH) 68" x 49" x 44" (172cm x 124cm x 112cm)
Frame Steel
Teeth 12 Carbide-Tipped Steel
Working Height Variable (max 0.75" below ground)
Hitch Type Pin or Ball
Tyre Size 8" Diameter
Weight (kg) 51kg
Warranty Commercial 90 Days
Warranty Domestic 2 Years
Shipping Length 120cm
Shipping Width 45cm
Shipping Height 30cm
Shipping Weight 67kg

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