DR 8.75 SP PRO-XL Self-Propelled Trimmer/Mower

The top of the range variable speed self propelled TRIMMER/MOWER. 

Tackle hills, slopes, and tough terrain with the top-of-the-line self-propelled model. Variable-speed drive allows you to walk at your own comfortable pace while the DR trims your property to perfection.

The PRO-XL Self-Propelled model has the muscle you need to handle your heaviest mowing projects. The frame is mounted with 14" wheels for easy manoeuvring. The PRO-XL cuts a 22" swath, has 5 adjustable mowing heights (1.5" to 3.5"), and offers ergonomic handlebars for stress-free mowing. 

The PRO-XL has an offset frame design that lets you trim right up against foundations, fence lines and other obstacles with precise control. The front is fortified with a cast aluminum nose plate that protects the machine against damage from collisions.

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Self Propelled DR Trimmer Mower controls


Variable Speed Wheel Drive

The DR 8.75 SP PRO-XL Self Propelled Wheeled Trimmer features wheeled drive making this model particularly suitable for use in sloped areas. The speed is controlled by the drive lever and can be adjusted to suit the user and trimming conditions. As the handle is pulled in, the drive speed is increased and to slow the drive speed down, slightly release the drive handle.


DR Electric Start Trimmer



Electric Start

For maximum convenience, this model is started with a simple turn of a key eliminating the need for the recoil to be pulled to turn the engine over.



Briggs & Stratton 875 Series


Maximum Power

The DR 8.75 PRO-XL wheeled trimmer mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 875 Series petrol engine making it the most powerful wheeled trimmer in the range enabling it to deal with the heaviest mowing conditions. The Briggs & Stratton 875 Series engine features the latest OHV technology providing optimised performance that delivers longer engine life and improved fuel economy



DR Trimmer Comfort



Comfortable Operation

The large 14" wheels make manoeuvring the trimmer easy whilst the handlebars can be adjusted to suit almost any user providing optimum comfort whilst trimming. DR wheeled trimmers are much more comfortable to operate compared to hand held trimmers. 


Aluminium Bearing Body



 Cast Aluminium Bearing Assembly

The bearing assembly on DR Trimmer mowers are cast from lightweight and high-strength aluminium and has bearings at the top and the bottom to withstand hundreds of hours of heavy duty mowing and trimming at over 3000 rpm.


DR Wheeled Trimmer Wide Cut



Wide Trimming Head

The patented wide-body trimmer head prevents vegetaion from wrapping and clogging, even when the trimmer is used in thick tall grass and weeds.




DR Trimmer Steel Body



Designed to last

The frames of the DR Wheeled Trimmer Mowers are made of heavy duty steel which is lightweight, yet incredibly strong and the powder coated finish provides resistance to rust and corrosion



DR Trimmer Accessories



Range of Accessories

There are a wide variety of accessories available for the DR Trimmer Mower such as high quality, heavy duty trimmer cord, quick lock trimmer heads for easier cord replacement, maintenance meters and covers.



Range PRO-XL
Engine Briggs & Stratton 875 Series
Displacement (cc) 190cc
Ft Lbs Torque 8.75
Engine Start Electric
Number of cylinders One
Air Filter Dual Element
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.1 Litres
Oil Tank Capacity 0.56 Litres
Lubrication Splash
Cutting Width 55cm / 22"
Cutting Height 38 - 89mm / 1.5" - 3.5"
Frame 14-Gauge Steel
Handlebar Height Adjustable 73.5 - 120cm / 29" - 47"
Wheel Drive Yes - Variable Speed
Tyre Size 14" Resin
Width 54cm / 21.5"
Warranty Commercial 90 Days
Warranty Domestic 2 Years
Weight (kg) 38kg
Shipping Length 89cm
Shipping Width 56cm
Shipping Height 61cm
Shipping Weight 42kg

Use the link below to view / download a copy of the user manual for this product.


Is there any trimmer line is supplied with the wheeled trimmer?

When you purchase your new DR walk behind trimmer mower, you will receive a sample pack with 6 pre cut lengths of blue and 6 lengths of green cutting cord. To avoid down time, we recommend purchasing additional trimmer line which is available pre-cut or in longer great value rolls.

How long do I need to cut the trimmer cord to fit in the head?

The standard head on the DR wheeled trimmer use 25” (63.5cm) lengths.

Is there any oil supplied with the DR Trimmer mower if ordered online?

Yes, you will receive a 0.6L of Briggs & Stratton SAE 30 engine oil with your walk behind trimmer.

Will the DR Quick Lock Head fit the 8.75 PRO XL Self Propelled trimmer?

Yes, the Quick Lock Trimmer head can be easily installed and makes replacing the cutting cord incredibly easy.

I am worried about causing accidental damage to the bark on trees in my garden, is there anything I can do to prevent this happening?

The TrimSafe Guard can be fitted to prevent any unintentional damage to trees, plants or fence posts.

Is there much assembly required when I purchase the wheeled trimmer?

No, the DR Trimmers are preassembled. All you will need to do is adjust the handlebars, install the trimmer line, add the fuel and oil and you are ready to get to work.

Can this trimmer be started using the recoil as well as with the electric start?

Yes, the electric starting models also feature a manual pull start which allows you to start the mower if the battery is not charged.

Is the battery charged whilst the engine is in operation?

The battery will charge whilst the trimmer is in use, it will take at least 45 minutes of continuous use to ensure the battery is properly charged. If the battery loses its charge you will need a charger to recharge it. These are available here.

Does this model have an oil pump?

All DR Trimmers have a splash lubrication system allowing you to safely complete mowing and trimming jobs on slopes up to 36%.

What is the drive speed of the self propelled wheeled trimmer mower?

The variable speed wheel drive system allows you to adjust your speed up to 3.5mph.